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Wisdom Teeth

Request: Joe gets his wisdom teeth out

“So?” You asked after Joe returned from his trip to the dentist.

When you didn’t get a response, you shifted your gaze from your book you were reading to the entryway where you saw you’re pouty boyfriend struggling to kick his shoes off, “Bad news?”

The grunt he made and the way he carried himself over to you said it all; the news he got from the dentist was not the news that he was hoping for.

Joe fell onto the couch, his head falling onto your lap not caring that his head landing firmly on your now closed book.

“They made me make an appointment for Wednesday morning.” Joe groaned as he pulled the book from under his head and dropping it to the floor.

“So tomorrow?” You asked looking down at him.

“Yeah..I suppose that’s tomorrow.”

“Better sooner than later right?” You asked as he sat up and gave you a look.

“No. I’d rather do it later love.”

“Joe, you’re going to be fine. There’s nothing to worry about, they do these surgeries all the time.”

“Y/N, you should know by now that all I do is worry-”

“Like getting your blood drawn?” You interrupted.

“…yes, like getting my blood drawn. But this is much different. I’ve never had surgery before and this is something that I can actually worry about.”

“But you don’t need to.” You said rubbing his back and he laid his head on your shoulder.

“But I’m going to.”


Joe was quiet the whole way back to the dentist. He was instructed not to eat anything so he sat in silence sipping on water as you hummed along to the songs on the radio. You tried making conversation with him in hopes to take his mind off of his surgery but his replies were either short or nonexistent.

He was nervous to say the least and you knew there wasn’t much you could do when he was like this; you could only assure him that he would be alright and let him do the rest.

You kissed Joe goodbye once he was called back by the dental assistant, “I’ll be right here the whole time.” You said to ease his nerves before he hesitantly walked back with the assistant.

Joe shifted on the couch with a groan making you stop what you were doing in the kitchen as you thought the noise you were making woke him up. He turned over, wrapping him blanket tighter around his body and settled back into the couch. You went back to making yourself a late lunch when we heard Joe groan again, and this time, sit up. 

He said something but stopped when he realized his mouth was still full of gauze from his surgery. He pulled the wet cotton from his mouth, shuddering slightly at the feeling before rubbing his eyes and speaking once again, “Babe..”

“Yes?” You replied laughing to yourself as you watched him fall back onto the couch with another groan, “You may need to put those back in love, your gums might still be bleeding.” 

You walked over to him with a clean gauze only to see him pull the blanket up over his head. You took a seat next to him on the couch, rubbing his legs that were curled closely to his chest. 

“How are you feeling?”

“Great” He mumbled, peaking over at you over the blanket. 

“Can I see?” You said pulling the blanket down his body and taking his hands to pull him up. 

He moved so he was sitting facing you, his face curved down into a frown. 

“Cheer up Sugg, it’s all over.” You said pushing his head back so you could take a look inside his mouth. 

“It just hurts” He said making a face as he began wetting his dry mouth, his tongue finding one of the holes in his gums. 

“Don’t do that.” You said holding his jaw and bring his face back level with yours, “I’ll get you some water, but the dentist told me specifically to not let you do that.” You said getting up to get him some water. 

“Are you hungry? The only thing you can really eat right now is ice cream so thats you’re only option.” You said bring Joe his water. 

He shook his head as he took the glass from your hands, nearly spilling it all over himself when he took a sip. 

You smiled and grinned as you sat back down next to him, taking the glass from him and setting it on the table in front of you. Joe moved to lay on your lap, propping his head up with the pillow he was perviously using.

“Gonna go back to sleep?” You asked running your fingers through his hair.

Instead of answering, he took your other hand in his, bringing it up to his mouth and kissing it before intertwining your fingers with his and snuggling deeper into the pillow.

Painful Confession

Request @yourdogsdaddy

You glanced up from your spot in your kitchen over at the boys sitting at your worktop as Joe stared questionably at his phone screen.

“Are we live…hello?” He said aloud.

“Hello hello!” Oli shouted causing Joe to cover his ears mockingly.

“Hello, Jessica! Looks like we’re live, sorry for everyone who’s ears are now bleeding from Oli…”

“Yeah, sorry guys!” Oli chimed in.

“So guys, as you can see I’m not in my own flat. We’re actually at Y/N’s and I forgot I promised a livestream tonight!” Joe said looking up over his phone to you, giving you a small smile.

“The rest of the boys are here somewhere too but Oli is the only one who wanted to be on here with me.” Joe continued.

“Oi! You didn’t even ask us!” Mikey yelled as he poked his head around the corner from the lounge.

“Whatever! This livestream is going to be a pretty short one because Y/N has offered to make dinner, which is what she’s doing now…..if only Smell-O-Vision was a real thing, guys!” You felt your cheeks turn warm as you continued going about to dinner.

Fifteen or so minutes had passed and dinner was just about finished and it seemed like Joe was winding down the livestream.

“Oh here’s a good question.” Oli said, “Y/N, which of the buttercream do you like the most?”

“I like you all the same.” You said over your shoulder as your back was turned to them.

“No, but if you had to choose one of us.” Oli persisted.

“What do you mean by ‘like’?” You asked, turning around and resting your body against your worktop.

“Like which one of us would you rather hang out with alone.”Joe chimed in as he gave you a look. It was almost like he forgot there were a thousand or so people watching him right now.

“Umm,” You said as you thought to yourself.

You and Joe both already knew the answer to his question but the two of you weren’t exactly ready to express the feelings you both had towards each other to all your friends and thousands of strangers.

“Honestly, none of you. You all kind of suck separately…it’s either all or nothing.” You finally said.

“Well, that hurt…” Oli said sadly while Joe’s eyes lingered in your direction.

“Dinners about ready boys.” You shouted before turning back around, letting Oli and Joe wrap up the livestream.

“You guys are still streaming? I want to eat!” Jack said as he squished his face in between Joe and Oli’s.

“We’re wrapping it up mate, Y/N just said we all suck so I think it’s a good time to end this,” Joe said.

“Why do we suck?”

“Do you not want to be our friend anymore?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” You clarified as you dropped a bunch of dirty utensils in the warm soapy water in your sink. “The question was who did I like more and-”

“And you said we all suck?” Caspar asked.

“No.” sticking your hand in the water to start washing up, “I said I liked you all equally. You guys are fun all together but individually, you all suc-OW!!” You yelled as you quickly pulled your hand out of the water.

“Are you alright?” Joe said quickly as you held your hand in a fist.

“Mhmm.” You said wincing at the pain and the slight of the blood that was now running down your arm.

“That doesn’t look like your alright.” Joe said as he got off of his chair and made his way over to you, “What happened?”

“I forgot there was a knife in the sink and I may have just cut myself on it.” You said moving your hand over the sink as the blood dripped to the floor.

“She’s alright guys, just sliced her hand open.” You heard Oli say which made you give him an unimpressed look.

“Can I see it?” Joe asked as you turned on the water, letting it run over the wound.

“Joe its fine.”

“Babe you literally just sliced your palm open, it’s not fine.”

“Joe stop. I didn’t slice it open, it’s just a small cut. I said I’ll be fine.”

“Mate, if she said she’s okay, I think it’s okay,” Josh said from the other side of the worktop.

You gave Joe a look to let him know that you really were okay and you saw his body loosen up.

“You sure you’re okay?” He asked.

You nodded your head before he pulled you close to him and kissed your forehead.

“Eh hem…” Someone cleared their throat that quickly brought Joe back to reality as he awkwardly stepped away from you.

“What was that?”

“Are you two a thing?”

“Ah, not…yet?” Joe was unsure about his own answer as he glanced over at you.

“Well, you guys better start because we’re still live and 2,300 people just heard all of that…” Oli said.

You watched Joe’s eye widen as he rushed over to his phone, his eyes running over the comments briefly.

“Well guys,” Joe’s said before letting out an airy laugh, “Bye.” He said as he turned off the stream.

“Wow mate, way to go,” Mikey said putting his hands on Joe’s shoulders after he ended the stream.

“Yeah…I feel like that’s something Caspar would do.” Josh said.

“I’m actually surprised he hasn’t pulled a stunt like that,” Jack said.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Joe asked you as he ignored his friends.

“Yes, Joe. I’m alright. Dinner’s ready, so eat up everybody.”

Joe Sugg Imagine || Hi Baby ||


can you please do an
imagine where y/n is in hospital after just having a baby? and she’s
just really knackered but Joe can’t stop filming because hes so
excited & it’s just cute family fluff? thank youxxx

– –

here she is, fearless, strong, wonderful … Amazing (Y/N).” Joe
said holding the camera in his out stretched arm, you glanced up
forcing a tired smile seeing yourself in the flipped up screen. “Joe,
I look horrible.” You whispered, your head exhaustedly pressed into
the pillow.
“You look beautiful,” Joe hushed you quickly,
“doesn’t she look beautiful guys? My amazing, birth giving, wife.”
Joe lent in and placed a soft kiss on your forehead, before standing
upright, he spun around with the camera, “she’s tired – she just
pushed a tiny human from her-” – “Joe!” You said quickly
cutting him off and he grinned, “well … You know where.” He

do you guys like my new bling?” He held up his right hand, on his
pinky was your wedding ring and on his thumb your engagement ring.
“(Y/N) handed them to me, before she started pushing and I thought
she wanted to a divorce for a minute… Turns out, she was scared
she’d lose them if something happened like a C-Section.” He

permanent smile was etched across his lips, his blue eyes twinkling.
“I’m just so happy right now,” he walked across the room, “and
it’s a beautiful day!” He showed the early morning from the window,
the Sun still making its way up, pastel colours of yellow and orange
littered the sky. “A beautiful day for the beautiful little girl
that just came into the world.” He’s voice was gentle.

watched him turning the camera back on himself, it made you smile
seeing how excited and happy he was, how excited and happy you were –
despite the long onset of exhaustion.

you show her yet?” You asked, “now that she’s all clean…” You
pointed out, while you were a pretty privet person despite being on
YouTube, you were on the fence about letting Joe film the birth of
your child, but it was apparent, there was a lot of people just as
excited as you both were too see it and share the experience, so you
couldn’t say no.

I guess I should, huh?” Joe laughed. He walked around the other
side of your hospital bed, holding the camera turned around, “hi baby, oh she’s awake!” Joe said brightly, the camera recording a
tiny baby wrapped up in a lilac coloured blanket, with a little white
cap, her blue eyes wide and looking around. 

“Welcome to the world
sweetheart, Daddy loves you so much  – and Mommy loves you so much.”
He whispered, carefully using his free hand to adjust her hat to
cover one of her tiny ears. “A lot of people love you and are very
excited to meet you.” He brushed his thumb against her small
fingers curled into a fist.

think she looks like (Y/N), but (Y/N) thinks she looks like me.”
Joe brought the camera up to be in your direction. “She looks
exactly like you, if I didn’t just spend 34 hours in labour, I
wouldn’t be sure she’s mine.” You laughed but yawned at the same
time. “I think we should let you get some rest, I’ll see you in a
bit guys.” Joe turned the camera to himself and waved turning it

so proud of you.” Joe was leaning on the edge of the bed, his
fingers brushing through your hair relaxingly. “Thank you.” You
smiled, your eyes were closed enjoying the sensation. 

“You did
amazing, and I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for giving
me the best gift of all time.” He was smiling, glancing from
looking down at you to the baby nestled in the clear basket, sleeping
just centimetres away. “You were the best help I could have asked
for.” You assured him, opening your eyes. “I don’t know if I
could’ve done it the last little bit without you being so
encouraging.” You said…

“Hi guys, I hope you can hear me… I’m being quiet because (Y/N)
is sleeping.” Joe’s voice was low, the room around him was dim, he
was sitting lent back in a chair. He was shirtless apart from the
blanket over the left side of his body,

Sugg and I are just getting to know each other.” He explained,
bringing the camera down to show the baby snuggled up on his chest
under the blanket, sleeping.

I know I’ve said this before… Many times, but I just can’t stop
this overwhelming sensation of being so proud of my wife…” He
brought the camera back up to his face. “Of course having a baby
isn’t easy, but this really wasn’t easy on her and the way she just,
kept on giving so much energy when she had none … Words can’t
express how astonishing that is to watch.” He looked down at his
daughter and placed a light kiss on the top of her head.

video is all over the place, I’m sorry – but I’m all over the
place. I’m so happy, there’s a million things running through my head
but right now, looking and holding this beautiful Princess – they
don’t matter. I just wanted to catch all of these feelings in the
moment. I just wanna say: I love you (Y/N) thank you for bringing our
baby into this world, I love my baby so much and I love you guys so
much. Thank you for sharing this journey with us…” He grinned.
“I’ll see you guys later.” He gave a half wave the best he could
holding a baby and turned the camera off.

Joe Sugg (mini) Imagine || Stairs ||


could you write an imagine where y/n wakes up in the hospital, after
hitting her head by falling down the stairs. And could you please
write Joe to be the overly worried boyfriend.

– –

you stirred slightly, your eyes fluttered open feeling a very dull
ache all across your body, “Hmm?” You said in confusion, this
wasn’t your bedroom – the walls were too white and the off-blue
blanket tucked around you didn’t belong to you either.

Joe exclaimed standing up quickly from the chair beside you, “are
you okay? How are you feeling?” He was quick to spring you with
questions. “Sore?” You offered and he nodded with concern, “I’ll
go find a Doctor,” as he said it, he remained unmoving from beside
you on the bed and it hazily started coming back to you.

tripped down the stairs?” You asked unclearly, the last few things
you could piece together was standing near the edge of the steps and
turning quickly to grab your phone you forget on the table, then
being dazed laying at the bottom of the steps.

looked saddened as he nodded a little, “you lost your footing.”
He explained not sure if that was obvious to you or not, “I flew
down the stairs as fast as I could, your head was bleeding, I was
calling your name… But you passed out on me, I was so scared.” He
whispered, his hand finding yours where it rested above the covers
and he squeezed it gently.

was freaking out, I called 999 and the paramedics came.” You
watched him as he told his version of the events. “You scared me so
bad…” He looked away slightly, his eyes glassing over and through
the aches and pains in your body you found it in you to squeeze his
hand. “I’m okay.” You promised him, you hated seeing him upset.

but it felt like time was frozen waiting for the ambulance and
waiting in the dark when the Doctor’s took you away… You weren’t
waking up, I was so worried something was really wrong.” He sniffed
as little, your eyes closed and you nuzzled your face against his
free hand as it brushed against your cheek carefully.

sorry I scared you, babe.” You whispered. “I’m just glad you’re
okay.” He said before leaning in and kissing you lightly. “next
time you have to go down some stairs, I’m carrying you!” He said
seriously and you let out a small breathless laugh.

I think that might be more dangerous my Prince.” You shook your
head a little. “… Maybe.” He agreed with a nod. “Oh.” He
let you go for a minute and pulled out his phone, turning on the
front facing camera, “check out your new accessory.” He held the
phone steady.

looked at yourself, seeing the bandage above your right eyebrow, “six
stitches.” Joe said, as you watched his reflection watching you in
the camera. “Wow.” You reached up and touched the edge of the
pale coloured bandage. “Battle wounds.” Joe nodded, kissing the
side of your head. “With the stairs? Can we at least come up with a
better story?” You cracked a smile, and a bigger sense of relief
washed over Joe’s face.

what? We were … Doing unspeakable things in the shower and lost
balance?” He winked and you almost snorted with laughter. “Gosh
no, we would never hear the end of that…” You pointed out. “Yeah,
yeah you are probably right.” He laughed himself.

sighed happily. “I’m so glad you’re fine.” He brushed some stray
hair behind your ear. “I love you so much.” He smiled.

love you, too.” You lent your head up and Joe met you leaning down,
your lips catching each others quickly in a tender kiss…

The Dress***

A/N: This is a repost because I’m an idiot and deleted the original.


Being the girlfriend of an ambassador for AgeUK meant attending
many events that the organization put on. Joe would drag you to these events
all the time and although you always said you weren’t up for going, you were
glad you always did. It’s a great organization and it makes you so happy to see
Joe’s involvement. Tonight, was another one of those nights. AgeUK was having a
banquet to honor everyone who has been involved over the past year, kind of
like a ‘Thank You Banquet’. These types of nights allowed you to dress
smart which you did very seldom. You had no real reason to wear a really nice
dress in your day to day life, so these events were always a good excuse to
look for a new dress, which is exactly what you did. 

You had just finished doing your hair and makeup and it was time
to put on the dress you had bought for the night. It was a just above the knee
royal blue satin dress that, unexpectedly, hugged you in all the right places.
It was just fancy enough that you weren’t expected to turn heads but just
enough to blend in with everyone who was attending.

“You almost ready love?” Joe asked poking his head around your
bedroom door. His eyes widened as he saw you smoothing out the wrinkles of your
dress. “Wow, you look amazing Y/N”

“Do you really think so?” you blushed “Oh can you to zip me
up please”

Joe made his way into the room and zipped the back of your dress
up before placing a kiss on your bear shoulder. “Absolutely stunning.
Maybe we can sneak away from the banquet later” He said in between giving you
more kisses.

“Hmm that’s not likely as you’ll be on stage most of the night
and people will want to talk to you afterwards.” you said turning around and
wrapping your arms around his neck, placing his hand on your hips, and giving
him a kiss. 

You pulled away and he whined as he received a text saying the
car was here to take you to the event. “We’ll be home before you know it Sugg”
you smirked, grabbing your purse and walking out of the room.

During the banquet, Joe was either touching you or looking at
you. While you sat at you table for dinner he always had a hand on your lap or
on your waist when you were standing talking to various people. You felt his
eyes on you whenever you weren’t by his side. This wasn’t anything new for you
a Joe but something felt odd about tonight. The way his touch lingered more
than usual or the way he was looking at you. There was something about his eyes
you noticed. Something you only see on the rare occasion that the two of you
had a little too much to drink and you’d wake up the next morning sore and

The banquet was starting to wind down and you were talking to
the organizers of the banquet when Joe walks up behind you placing his hands on
your waist. 

“I think it’s time we get out of her love” he growled into your
ear which sent a shiver down your spine. “I had a lot of fun tonight” he
directed his voice to the group. 

“We hope to be working with you soon in the new year Joe, and
hope that you’ll come to next year’s banquet”

“I wouldn’t miss it” he smiled before the both of you said your
goodbyes and he tugged you outside and into your awaiting car.

Joe didn’t do or say anything the whole ride home and you could
tell he was trying hard to keep quiet. When you arrived at Joe’s flat, even the
elevator ride was quiet. You looked over to Joe to find him starting at you,

“Is there something I can help you with tonight?” you teased
biting your lip but yet, Joe stayed quiet. 

He unlocked his door and as soon as the both of you stepped in,
your back collided with the wall and Joe’s lips met yours. He kicked the door
closed while simultaneously removing his jacket and shoes without breaking the
heated kiss. You removed your heels and pulled away from Joe, moving for the

His hand grabbed your waist and pulled you back to him, lips
reconnecting. Your hands moved up and around his neck and into his hair while
his roamed your body stopping at you bum, squeezing it which caused you to moan
into his mouth. 

“This fucking dress Y/N. Couldn’t take my eyes off you tonight.
Couldn’t stop imagining what I could do to you once you were out of it.”

“Maybe you should show me”

He gripped your thighs and you jumped onto him wrapping your
legs around his torso while he carried you up to his bedroom. He broke the kiss
to turn you around so you were facing the bed, him standing behind you. He
unzipped your dress at an agonizingly slow pace. 

“Joeee” you whined

“Patience babe. You’ll get what’s coming soon enough” He
finished unzipping and let the dress fall off of your body leaving you in your
matching bra and panties. “Holy fuck Y/N” he breathed taking in the sight
of you as you turned back around. You attached your lips to his again and started
working the buttons of his shirt as he worked his belt. He pushed you back onto
the bed removing his shirt and belt before climbing on top of you.

Lust. His eyes glistened as he looked down at you and you felt
your melt into the mattress.

Joe leaned down to kiss you again before moving to your neck,
collar bones, and the valley of your breast. He snaked his hand around your
back to unclamps your bra and discarded it over his shoulder as his mouth moved
to suck on your nipple, massaging the other with his hand before switching. You
let out a moan when you felt him bite your hardened nub. He smirked before he
did it again, followed by another moan from you. He made his way down to your
waist and positioned your legs up so he could remove your panties, again, at a
slow pace. You gasped when the cold air reached your dripping core and you
squirmed under Joe, yearning for his touch.

“You’re dripping love, is this all for me?” Joe said admiring at
how wet he can make you.

“Yes Joe. All for you.” You said still moving your hips.

Joe smirked and let out a laugh before he disappeared between
your legs and you let out another gasp when you felt his tongue come in contact
with your swollen clit. Joe sucked your clit as he ran his fingers up and down
your slit, collected your juices before pulling away. He sat up and licked his
fingers before moving them back to your pussy to collect more juices. 

“You taste delicious Y/N. Wanna taste?”

You didn’t have time to answer before Joe’s fingers were in your
mouth and you sucked every last drop of yourself off of them keeping eye
contact him.

“Shit babe, you’re so fucking hot. How did I get so lucky?” he
said moving back down your core continuing to suck on your clit as he added two
fingers inside of you. You let out a moan as he pumped his fingers in and out
of you at a face rate. Joe placed his other hand over your hips to hold you
down and the pressure built up inside your body. 

“Oh my god Joe” you moaned, not sure of how much longer you were
going to last, your hands moving to his hair. You applied pressure, forcing his
face deeper into your pussy causing Joe to hum sending vibrations through your

“Shit. Fuck Joe!!” You yelled accompanied with a deep moan as
you came all over Joe’s fingers. Joe removed his fingers and placed them into
his mouth before standing up to remove his pants and boxers. His hardened cock
slapped his abs as it was set free and you started to move for it but a hand
stopped you. 

“None of that tonight love, I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes and I want to
make you cum two more times tonight.” you’re eyes widened as he pushed you back
on the bed, putting on a condom and hovering over you again. You felt his cock
brush against your pussy and Joe eased into you pausing so you could adjust.
You leaned up to kiss Joe “Go.” and with that Joe began thrusting into you
at a pace you were not expecting. You name and swears were leaving his mouth
just as much as his name was leaving yours. You felt yourself clench around Joe
knowing that you weren’t going to last much longer again. Joe grabbed your
wrists and held them over your head and leant down and kissed you deeply. His
thrust became sloppier and you knew he was close as well. With just a couple
more thrusts you and Joe released at the same time filling the room with moans
you were sure the neighbours could hear. Joe dropped his head to your neck and
kissed it and he waited for you to catching your breath. Your legs were shaking
and your body was filled with euphoria. 

Joe pulled out of you before flipping you over so you were
straddling his waist. “One more baby” he said holding you up as you
finished catching your breath.

You complied and took Joe’s cock in your hand, positioning it at
your entrance. You slowly eased down on him and you threw your head back at the
feeling of him stretching you out completely.

“Fucking hell Y/N” Joe breathed taking in the sight of his
girlfriend on top of him.

You began moving your hips while Joe’s hands went to your hips
to help support you and him as he began to thrust up into you. Your head rolled
back again as sensations shot through your body and you moaned, a mixture of
Joe’s name and incoherent words. You felt your arms give out as they were
placed on Joe’s chest and you laid your body down on Joe. He was now only
thrusting into you and the new angle caused him to hit new places inside of
you. You felt Joe twitch inside of you and he let out a moan from the back
on his throat which sent goosebumps all over your body. Joe continued to thrust
into you a few more times until you came hard for the third time. 

You laid on his chest with your eyes closed, your chest heaving
up and down as you came down from your high. Joe pulled out of you and you
rolled the bottom half of your body off of him as you took in the scent of his
cologne and sex. 

Joe kissed the top of your head before discarding the condom and
pulling the duvet over the top of you. 

“Maybe I should wear that dress more often” You said, your eyes
still closed, hugging his chest.

Joe let out a laugh. “You don’t need to wear a dress for me
to do that love.” You felt his fingers tangle themselves into your hair and you
drifted off to sleep knowing you’ll be feeling this in the morning. 

Drunk and Jealous**



You let out a long breath as you stood in your wardrobe, searching for an outfit to wear out tonight. You weren’t too keen on going out tonight but after Joe insisted on going and you wanting to actually spend some time with him, you agreed. After minutes of staring, you finally chose a dress and threw it on.

“You look good.” Joe said from behind you as you sat touching up your makeup.

“Thanks.” you said looking up at him in the mirror.

“Don’t get too excited love.” He said sarcastically as he sat down on the bed.

“I just don’t see why we have to out, that’s all.” You repeated the sentence he’s heard all day long.

“Babe, we never go out…” He groaned laid back on the bed.

“What are you talking about? You went out last week.” You said digging through your makeup bag for some lipstick.

“I said we love. We never go out…as a couple. And don’t say we do because going to dinner isn’t going out.” He said before you could counter his statement.

“I just don’t see why we have to…” You mumbled as you pouted to apply your lipstick.

Joe sat up and walked over to you, watching your actions in the mirror in front of you.

“You don’t even wanna go out with me, you just want to hang out with the boys who are the ones who are going out.” You raised an eyebrow up at Joe.

“I haven’t seen Benji or Byron since Christmas love!” Joe said before leaning down to kiss your cheek, “Are you ready?”

“I suppose.” You said lazily as you shoved your makeup back into the bag.


“I’ll have another.” You said to the barman setting your empty glass on the bar.

“Wow, I’ve never seen a girl down so many drinks so quickly before.” A voice said to the left of you.

“It’s needed.” You said glancing over at the girl who was sitting at the bar.

“Well in that case, it’s on me. And I’ll take another as well please.” She said to the barman with a smile. “I’m Natalie by the way.”

“Y/N.” You said pulling out the stool that was tucked under the bar.

“So, who’s the guys who making you need all these drinks?” Natalie laughed.

“My boyfriend. He dragged me out of the house because his mate from South Africa are in town and he couldn’t say no to a night out.” You told her, “He’s over there with them now, probably hasn’t even realized I left.”

“His loss really, you’re a pretty girl.” Natalie smiled.

“Thanks.” You said after talking a large sip of your drink. “Why are you sitting at the bar all alone?”

“Oh, I was here with my friend but she left with some guy. Thought I’d stick around a bit longer and see if I could get myself a free drink but it looks like you took that card.”

“Hey you offered!” You laughed, “But the next one’s on me!”

“Oh no, it’s alright. This is my last one.”

“Another time then.” You smiled before the both of you took a sip of your drinks.

The two of you sat a talked until your drinks were nearly gone and you could start to hear your words slurring together.

“Alright, I think I need to stop,” You laughed pushing your drink away from you, “but…I don’t think I can go home yet.” You said glancing over at Joe and the rest of the boys.

You were right when you said you didn’t think he had noticed you were gone, the only one who seemed to have noticed was Oli as he gave you a quick wave before turning back to the boys.

“Which one is he?” Natalie asked as she followed your glance.

“The one in the leather jacket, never leaves the house without the bloody thing.” You said grabbing your drink and seeing it off.

“Well if you want to go home, I think I may have a way to make that happen.” Natalie said with a slight slur in her voice as well.

“And what’s that?” You asked looking at her.

“First we need him to look over here.” She said.

“Good luck with that.”

“What did you say his name was?”

“Joe.” You told her.

“Joe!!” Natalie shouted, giggling to herself after every head turned towards her direction, “Whoops. That was a little louder than I thought it was going to be but hey, it worked!” She said seeing Joe look towards your direction.

He gave you a quick smile, happy, you guess, that you found someone to pass the time with tonight.

“Right now what-” You started but were cut off by forceful hands that cupped your face and pulled your eyes away from your boyfriend. The next thing you knew, Natalie’s lips were smashing against yours.

You were slightly alarmed by the situation but didn’t pull away, instead you kissed her back. The kiss lasted a while longer, as your mind went a little fuzzing and you forgot what was happening for a moment. When you pulled away, Natalie was smiling before she gave you a wink and hopped off the stool.

“Don’t worry about that drink, have fun night.” She said before heading for the door.

You sat at the bar, confused as to what had just happened when you were startled by an arm on your shoulder.

“What the hell was that??” Joe asked.

“Um, I have no idea really. Can we go home now?” You asked him.

“Yes because I’m having very mixed feelings about my girlfriend making out with another girl.” Joe said pulling you off the stool and out of the bar.

Once outside, Joe quickly flagged down the first taxi he saw as you glanced back at the bar, seeing Natalie standing against the wall with a smirk on her face. You mouthed the words ‘Thank You’ to her before Joe guided you towards the taxi.

You had no recollection of the car ride home, all you remembered was the feeling of Joe’s lips on your the moment you settled into the taxi. That and the feeling of emptiness when Joe’s lips left yours as the car came to a halt outside his flat.

“C’mon love.” He said grabbing your hand.

You followed closely behind him to the elevators where his hands were all over you before the door had even close.

“Joe, you better hope there aren’t people on our floor waiting to get on the lift.” You said as his lips found your neck.

You better hope love.” He said against you skin.

Luckily your floor was sound asleep as the lift doors opened. The two of you hurried across to the locked door, your hands feeling themselves under Joe’s tshirt as he fumbled with his keys.

“Hurry babe.” You whispered in his ear as your hands made their way further down his stomach.

Joe finally pushed the door open and quickly locked it behind you while the both of you quickly shredded the clothes from your bodies.

You giggled to yourself as you watched Joe struggle to keep his balance as he attempted to pull his jeans off over his shoes. When he finally got one pant leg off, you quickly made your way up the stairs in your underwear, ignoring your name he was calling as he watched you leave.

You ran your hands messily through your hair when you found yourself in the bedroom. You made your way to the bathroom, grabbing a makeup wipe and quickly wiping off the remnants of your lipstick when Joe finally made his way into the bedroom.

His hands instantly found your stomach while his lips kissed the space between your neck and shoulder, his harderend length that was no longer covered by with boxers poking against your bum.

“Good thinking love.” He said as he pushed your bra strap off your shoulder.

“Lipstick is a bitch to get out of white sheets.” You smirked before turning around to face him, your lips smashing together.

Joe’s hands moved to your back to unclasp your bra before helping you hop up on the countertop.

“Right here?” You asked against his lips.

“Just for round one love.” He said as he began kissing down your chest, your own hand reaching down to find his length.

You felt Joe’s hand move towards the fabric on your hips which you helped him get rid of. He lifted one of your legs up against the counter you were sat on before he gave himself a few pumps with his hands and lining himself up with your core.

Your head rolled back and you gripped his shoulders as he pushed himself into you and began thrusting quickly.

Joe steadied himself with his palms flat on the counter as you wrapped your legs around his torso, your heels digging into his lower back, pulling him closer into you.

“Fuck Joe!” You moaned out as you let your head fall onto his shoulder as you hugged him closer to you, leaving no space in between your heaving bodies.

“I didn’t know the sight of my girl kissing another could turn me on so much” Joe growled as he pushed his lips into yours.

“Natalie really knew what she was doing then.” You said with a moan as your head fell back again.

The pit in your stomach was settling in with each one of Joe’s thrusts and it was getting harder to hold everything in. You let out another low moan as you bit down on your lips and screwed your eyes shut. You slowly felt yourself tighten around Joe as he thrusted harder into you before pulling himself out.

“We’re not done yet love, we’re far from done” He growled as he ran two fingers up your wet slit causing you to moan again.

He moved his fingers to his mouth, licking ever bit of you off of them before pulling you down from the counter.

“It’s going to be a long night love. Teach you not to make me jealous out in public.” Joe said as he pushed you onto the bed.

“I wasn’t trying to make you jealous, I just wanted to go home.” You said innocently as he crawled on top of you.

“Mhmm. You thought I didn’t see you leave to go get another drink, a little annoyed that I was talking to the boys all night.” Joe said in between the kisses he left on your stomach, “I do notice you Y/N, even when you think I don’t. You’re actually always on my mind believe it or not.”

“Sure.” You said before you felt your breath catch in your throat as you felt Joe’s breath hovering over your core.

“I do love. That’s how I knew what you and your new friend were planning before you did, although I didn’t think you’d kiss her back. I was shocked needless to say, but it was hot.” Joe smiled as he spoke.

“I wasn’t trying to make you jealous but I’m kinda glad you did.” You said looking down at him.

Joe flashed you his signature grin before moving himself back to your core, where he lost himself the rest of the night.

Joe Sugg Imagine || Shower singing ||


Hi! I love your
imagines so much! Could you please do one where the reader likes to
sing while she’s in the shower, and Joe likes to listen without her
knowing about it. He eventually gets caught (I’m not picky about how
that happens, you can decide) and it turns out all fluffy. Thanks
again! ☺️

deeismelove said: 

hey ive been literally
bingeing this imagines all day and i am obsessed. do you think you
could write one that is just lovey dovey and cute cringy stuff cause
i find it adorable☺️. absolutely love your work xoxo Diana

– –

I combined these, hope that’s alright. Xx

– –

closed, you were lathering the vanilla and coconut shampoo through
your hair. Massaging your scalp, you may have been in the shower, but
inside your head you were in your own personal music video, halfway
through singing ‘Galway girl’ by Ed Sheeran loudly. “MY PRETTY
LITTLE GALWAY GIRL!” You sang loudly, starting to rinse your hair

if you were shower singing for your own fun, you weren’t all that
bad. Much to the delight of your boyfriend Joe who stood outside the
washroom door in his bedroom enjoying your singing.

often listened to you belting out your tunes while you showered, it
made him smile. But you had no idea, he thought if you knew he was
singing you wouldn’t sing anymore.

your conditioner, you rinsed off, your singing tone lowering as your
song came to the end, you paused glancing toward the door, swearing
you seen a shadow lurking, shaking your head you went back to singing

had carefully made his way into the washroom to hear you better,
being as quiet as physically possible.

turned off the shower, reaching out and grabbing your bathrobe of
your favourite colour, you looked up quickly. “JOE!” You
exclaimed, being dramatic and covering yourself up quickly – like
he hadn’t seen you naked a hundred times in the last two years of
your relationship.

Hi Ed.” He grinned at you and you turned an off shade of pink. “You
heard me?” You groaned lowly. “I did…” He laughed moving back
as you stepped from the shower. “Oh god.” You covered your face,
“I love listening to you sing, you’re amazing.” He cooed and you
narrowed your eyes.

been listening to me sing in the shower?” You asked impatiently,
“Well…” He rubbed the back of his neck, “maybe.” He
whispered. “JOE!” You exclaimed, slapping him upside the arm
lightly. Laughing he caught your hand and pulled you close against
his chest, feeling his other arm slip around your waist he started
swaying back and forth with you, 

“Baby, I just wanna dance!” He
sang from the beginning of the song, while trying to keep back his
laughter. “I’m so embarrassed.” You tried to break free of him as
he kept swaying with you, “you definitely don’t play the fiddle in
an Irish band – but you fell in love with an English man.” He
stopped moving the two of you around. 

“Really, really?!” You
asked rolling your eyes and he nodded, “well… Yeah, I mean… I
am English.” He smirked proudly. “Damn lucky, I love you.” You
pointed out and he put his hands on either side of your face, placing
a large yet quick kiss to your lips. “And I LOVE YOU, TOO!” He
yelled out the last part.

can’t believe, you’ve been stalking me in the shower to hear me
sing.” You walked out of the washroom into his bedroom, “you
could have at least joined me in there…” You said slyly watching
his freeze, “I could’ve?” He made a thoughtful expression.

bad you missed out my darling.” You walked around him, slipping
your arms around his front, “hmm,” you sighed resting the side of
your face against the warmth of his back.

you’re big spoon are you?” He asked and you laughed, “no, this is
just an easy position to do this.” You started tickling his sides
quickly and he gasped. “(Y/N)! NO! No!” He laughed in panic,
trying to get away from you as your fingers moved quicker up towards
his ribs.

Joe stepped forward trying to get away you followed him until he face
planted against the bed, “I’m vulnerable!” He said between
laughs. “Okay, okay.” You stopped tickling him, still standing he
flipped over to lay on his back looking up at you, his blue eyes
filled with tears from the force laughter.

over your face, he smiled and held his arms out, you grinned, joining
him on the bed, your chest half on his, you brought your leg up to
leg on one of his as he wrapped his arms around you tightly and
kissed your forehead lightly. “I love you.” He sighed happily.

love you, too.” You played your hand over his chest, “my
beautiful girl.” He added and you grinned, “stop you’re making me
bush.” You nuzzled your face into his neck and he laughed, “that
is the whole point,” his fingers started running through your damp
hair slowly until they rested on your head and his nails gently
massaged your scalp.

sensation sent relaxing waves of happiness down your body, feeling
your body relaxing against his, Joe hummed in amusement…

Joe Sugg Imagine || Not a prank ||


just saw a video and it made me think of a cute imagines idea! Can
you do an imagine where y/n is in a relationship with Joe and he
proposes to her, but bc he pranks her all the time, she thinks it’s
a joke but it’s really not. I hope that makes sense! Love you
imagines xx

– –

the knob to the outside door after unlocking it, you pushed the door
open. Picking up your shopping bags from Tesco – which, pre-usual
you went to get a couple things and walked out with four full bags…

into the house you shared with your long time boyfriend Joe, you
shifted using your shoulder to close the door behind you, rocking
your head side to side as you jammed in silence to the music filling
your ears from the earbuds you wore. You headed toward the kitchen,
glancing to the living room you stopped mid-step, leaning back seeing
flower petals and candles scattered around the place.

eyebrows knit together in confusion, you put the bags you were
carrying down and plucked your earbuds out, tucking them into the
collar of your sweater. “Joe?” You asked cautiously, confused.

from where you couldn’t see in the living room, Joe smiled warmly
seeing you. “Babe!” He said ecstatically, “come,” he held his
hand out for yours, you blinked at him, the sight of a go-pro on a
book shelf caught your eye. “What are you doing?” You asked
suspiciously, feeling his hand slink around yours, pulling you deeper
into the living room. “Being romantic?” He suggested, taking you
to stand in the centre of some candles, your eyes trying to remain
focused on him but you picked out another go-pro and the feeling of
uneasiness incased you, you knew the set up all too well…

I didn’t think I’d be this nervous.” Joe admitted lowly standing
with you, he had dressed up in dress pants and a white button down
long sleeve. “Nervous?” You asked, while thinking: ‘when have you
ever been nervous to prank before?’ but kept that thought to yourself
as Joe let go of your hand, he lent in and kissed you, you returned
his kiss, your hands on his shoulders and his held your sides gently.

he said, while taking your hand again, he knelt down on one knee
staring up at you nervously.

You wondered staring down at him, feeling his squeeze your hand
softly. “We’ve been together a very long time,” he grinned,
“yes…” You trailed off, your heart rate going up, “Of
everyone whose come into my life, there is none of them I could
picture sharing the darkest and the happiest times of my future with
but you.” He explained, “… Joe,” you whispered, for a prank
he was really into it.

you do me the honour of sharing those times – and all the times in
between them, as my wife?” He asked, letting your hand go, he
opened a red velvet box, exposing a silver banded ring with an
average size diamond dead in the centre of it, he looked from it back
to you with a hopefulness in his eyes.

swallowed dryly, looking away from him to one of the go-pros pointed
in your direction. “Joe…” You whispered looking back down at
him, the large smile on his face becoming smaller the longer you
didn’t answer him.

outdone yourself on this prank,” you said, feeling a little burned
out at the fact he’d gotten really into this. Being together for over
seven years, following him to London on a crazy dream that you’d
talked about for quite some time, trying to make it real.

Joe asked unclearly, he stood up to face you, there wasn’t much in
your height difference but he was still a slight bit taller. “The
go-pros, Joe…” You gestured to the two you could see. Turning his
head he glanced to one, before back to you with a serious look.
“They… I was, I was making a video to remember this – it’s not
a prank.” He paused, the reflection of all the past pranks he
pulled on you over the near decade coming back to him. “You think
I’d prank you like this?” He took your hands into his after setting
the ring down on a coffee table.

you pranked me you got another girl pregnant …” You pointed out.
“This is a step really too far for joking.” You took your hands
back to yourself, “This, isn’t a prank.” He sighed, he walked
over – turning the go-pros off, leaving you standing among the
candles. “Baby, I would never prank you asking you to marry me, I
know I’ve done some pretty awful pranks before… But I love you, I
would never hurt you like this.” He joined you again, “I really
want you to be my wife. I love you, I’m always going to love you, I
just wanted to show you that by taking the next step.” He had
picked up and was playing with the box that housed the engagement

You’re serious.” You realised and he looked like he wanted to laugh
but he just couldn’t bring himself to, “well yeah…” He took the
ring from the box, holding it carefully between his fingers. Glancing
from it to you, “Oh, Joe…” You whispered covering your mouth, a
awful feeling overtaking you – you had ruined his proposal.

am, so, so sorry.” You whispered, words muffled by your hand, tears
welling up in your (colour) eyes. “Babe.” He shook his head,
“it’s okay… I shouldn’t have made the cameras obvious, or done it
on a random Wednesday – I should’ve taken you to a romantic supper
and asked you by putting it in your champagne flute or something.”
While he spoke, his fingers were pulling at his hair a little bit
deep in thought.

your head you stopped him, “no, Joe – …. Because that isn’t you,
that isn’t us, this is us… The random Wednesdays, besides, my luck
I’d not notice it and swallow it.” You sighed. “I ruined you
being you… I’m so sorry.” You tried to dry away a tear, “you
didn’t ruin anything.” Joe promised, coming closer to you, using
his thumb to brush your tears away. “Would you, do me the honours?”
He wondered again, holding the ring up, making you laugh through the
tears you couldn’t stop. “You still wanna marry me, even after I
wrecked your proposal?”

course I do… Nothing could stop be from wanting to marry you.” He

sniffed, nodding, “Yes, yes I’ll marry you.” You spit it out, Joe
grinning took your hand and slide the ring onto it slowly. As the
ring sat on your finger perfectly, you wrapped your arms around Joe
tightly, holding him close.

Joe Sugg Imagine || Little umbrellas ||

rainbow-pastel-unicorn said: 

Hi I luv your
imagines❤can you do an imagine where y/n & Joe goes to [fav
country] along with their friends for like a event and joe confesses
to y/n he likes her but y/n isn’t ready for a relationship after her
breakup 1 month ago?? -[take ur time❤]

– –

I just picked somewhere warm, because it’s negative 45ºC where I am!

– –

afternoon Sun was beaming down on you as you sat at the edge of a
floating dock, legs dipped in the warm tropical waters all around
you, the creamy coloured sand behind you littered with people basking
in the warmth, umbrellas of every size and colour as far as the eye
could see.

was a welcome break from the events you and your friends had been
doing over the weekend, a mini VidCon you could say.

turned your head hearing footsteps behind you and smiled up seeing
Joe coming to join you, “hey!” He grinned, holding out a brightly
coloured drink to you with a decorative umbrella off to the side of

Thanks!” You took the cold beverage, using the small black straw to
take a sip, the sweetness hitting your taste buds. “Oohh…” You
said enjoying it, “alcoholic?” You wondered taking another sip as
he sat beside you with his own drink, putting his legs into the

yeah.” He nodded, grinning. “Oh this is dangerous.” You
whispered eyeing the drink carefully, it tasted nothing of alcohol
and each sip was more and more delightful.

what I said, I thought you’d like it.” He put his drink down beside
himself, watching you as you took another sip. “Like? No… I love
it.” You nodded, “you know me too frigging well Joe.” You
laughed. “Well – what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t know
you were attracted to little umbrellas in brightly coloured beverages
with a high alcohol volume.” He teased, moving his legs slowly back
and forth in the water, his fingers lacing with each others.

True.” You  half nodded as you agreed with his statement, “I
thought you were babe watching with Caspar and Mikey?” You added,
eyeing him over your oversized sunglasses, Joe shrugged a little,
“wasn’t my scene.” He said casually as you scoffed, “not your
scene?!” You wanted to laugh, “since when?” You asked having
set your drink down, you lent back on the dock with your hands.

was watching you, “god you make me sound like I’m a man whore.”
He pointed out and you turned your head to him, even thought the
sunglasses were covering your eyebrows, Joe could tell one was arched
in his direction, “hey!” He laughed, kicking one of his legs up
slightly so a small splash of water hit the both of you. 

You giggled, shielding your face, feeling the warm drops of water
landing in various places of your body. “No splashing, it’s against
pool rules.” You warned him, still laughing, a large smile across
your lips.

… We’re at a beach.” Joe waved a hand around the pair of you
gesturing to the very large beach. “Well, whatever.” You shook
your head, still smiling as you looked over him again.

silence over took the both of you, before Joe plucked the yellow
umbrella from his drink that was nearly empty, he rolled the
toothpick stem between his thumb and index finger, watching it spin
between them before he lent over, you didn’t speak as he carefully
placed it within your soft (colour) hair, just above your ear. 

you look like a mermaid.” He whispered, his eyes scanning over your
face. “Beach princess.” You corrected and he nodded, biting the
middle of his lower lip between his teeth for a second before he took
his chance, you felt his lips brushing against yours in a careful,
light kiss and you froze.

felt bad as you turned your head away from him, looking down. Joe
pulled away and sat up avoiding your gaze as you rejected his kiss,
you sat upright.

 “Joe…” You whispered, lips tingling slightly
from the unexpected kiss. “No, don’t – I’m sorry…” He tried
to blow it off, waving it away. “You just broke up with your ex and
I shouldn’t have pushed my luck, I just couldn’t help myself …
(Y/N) I’ve liked you for a long time and I guess I just, I don’t know
emotions took over and I couldn’t stop myself, I’m sorry.” Joe
rambled out quickly.

You tried to interject between him blurting out words, “lets forget
this ever happened, I don’t want to wreck our friendship, I shouldn’t
have overstepped our boundaries.” He wasn’t looking at you while he

You sighed, both of your hands took one of his and held it
carefully, “Joe…” You said and he finally stopped talking,
looking down at your hands holding his and he looked up to your face,
you used your free hand to take your sunglasses off to stare into his
eyes. “It’s not that I don’t care for you… I do, but… I’m just
not ready to get into a relationship right now. I’m sorry.” Your
words apologetic.

knew that, I’m an idiot. I’m sorry.” He said. “I’m not sure when
I’ll be ready for something new, I don’t want you to hold yourself
back from new people and potential adventures if you’re waiting for
me,” you said, “but I know whenever I am ready, if you’re still
available and if you still want me…” You trailed off, “I’ll
always want you (Y/N)…” Joe whispered. “I just need a little
more time to sort myself out.” You felt awful, but you just
couldn’t jump into a new relationship without having healed all the
hurts from your previous one.

mean the world to me, Joe. You always have.” You reached up and
took the little umbrella from behind your ear before you carefully
placed it in his hair, just above his ear and you lent in, kissing
his cheek gently. “Hold on to that for me, I’ll want it back one
day.” You smiled…

Joe Sugg Imagine || Pancakes ||


Can you do an imagine
where Joe and Y/N had sex the other night and she’s wearing his shirt
in the morning and it’s all fluff

– –

the kettle started to boil, you reached over the counter turning it
off, moving across the floor soundlessly in your bare feet you
grabbed two mugs from the bottom shelf of a cupboard.

smiled to yourself feeling like you were in some kind of dream, as
you went to grab some tea bags from a tin can you froze, feeling two
arms wrap around you from behind and lacing together around your
front just above your belly button, “Mm, good morning Beautiful.”
Joe whispered into your ear softly, his breath warm against your neck
as he moved his lips down placing a few kisses against it.

You sighed happily, tilting your head in the opposite direction
allowing his kisses to get deeper along your skin, your hands coming
up your body, sliding over his.

did you sleep?” He wondered, his voice still holding the same
softness as before, giving your cheek a small kiss now. “Wonderful,
you?” You asked as you turned around to face him, your front
pressed against his and your arms came up to wrap around his neck,
some of your fingers playing with the messy hair on the back of his
head, admiring his blue eyes.

He nodded, looking at your lips longingly. “I love your outfit
choice.” He laughed a little as you grinned, you were dawning one
of his black t-shirts that went to your mid-thigh, “it’s… So
inviting.” He winked and you gasped feeling his hands wondering
down your body and stopping as he cupped your behind with them,
pulling your lower half harder into his. “Well, my dress did kind
of, get lost last night.” You laughed, “someone was eager.” You
pointed out.

laughed, giving you a half-grin, “what can I say? I can’t resist my
lady in a little black dress.” He shrugged, “uh huh,” you
rolled your eyes and giving your head a slight shake, “I was
thinking… Pancakes?” You suggested.

sound great.” He let you go as you moved away from him, across the
kitchen to find the box of pancake mix, Joe found a clean bowl and
brought it over, sliding by you to the fridge to grab the carton of
milk and some eggs.

pulled the thick plastic bag from the box and as you pulled at the
seam of it, it pulled open and a large cloud of dry mix attack your
hands and face, you squealed letting the bag go to flop over on the
counter and you turned around with your eyes closed. “Help! I’ve
been attacked!” You exclaimed, hearing Joe snort as he burst into
laughter, “by the pancake monster!” He was laughing as you opened
your eyes carefully, 

“not funny! I’m a mes.” You brushed your
hands against the t-shirt, trying to get off the fallout of mix.
“That’s nothing new.” He teased you, “hey!” You said quickly
giving him a tormenting glare making him stuck his tongue out at you,
“you’re suppose to help your girlfriend when she’s in peril, not
laugh at her.” You pointed out. “In peril, really?” He raised
an eyebrow and you nodded, “peril…” You repeated, taking a
clean cloth to your face.

wasn’t aware of the dangerous pancake mix held.” He took the cloth
from you, his hands grabbing yours and he kissed your nose. “I’ll
protect you better next time.” He promised and you nodded, “you
best.” You warned, “I mean, you could always take the shirt off,
seeing as its dirty.” He grinned brightly. “Mmm-hmm, you might
not have any objections to that, but the lack of curtains in the
kitchen window and our neighbours may just have a tiny issue with
naked cooking.” You said, now cleaning up the rouge mix.

wouldn’t complain if you were my neighbour.” He nodded. “I’m
sure!” You laughed, turning around you walked up to him, he watched
you intently, before he could react you left a long streak of pancake
mix from his eyebrow, down the side of his face to end at his

He said, laughing, you moved to flee but he grabbed you around the
waist and pulled you back to him, “Mmm I love you, (Y/N), I love
you!” He sang out rubbing the side of his face against yours
rubbing what you’d just left on his face off, “Ah! Joe! Stop!”
You were laughing as you tried pushing him away…