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Do you how Zöe's edits hers Instagra…

Do you how Zöe's edits hers Instagram pictures ?

I think she uses VSCO but I could be wrong!

Do you know if Zoe and Louise are still friend…

Do you know if Zoe and Louise are still friends???

As far as I’m aware they are! They may not always show it or publicly talk to each other/hang out, but that doesn’t mean they’re not friends anymore!

Do you know any good daily Alfie accounts?

Do you know any good daily Alfie accounts?

I don’t follow Alfie at all so I have no idea. If anybody has any they follow, they can send them to us and I’ll post it! 🙂

Can’t believe you’d actually dedic…

Can’t believe you’d actually dedicate a blog to such a manipulative, greedy person. She doesn’t care about any of you. She just wants your money and attention and that’s what you’re all giving to her. She may think she’s clever about how she’s gone about it but it’s so easy to see through, she’s just a dumb bitch being followed by a group of gullible idiots. She’s not a role model, she’s nothing to look at either, she’s a nasty person who manipulates and bullies. Wake the fuck up.

I can’t believe you’d actually dedicate your time to sending this message. What do you care if we support her or not? Last time I checked, nothing she does or nothing we do on this blog affects you in the slightest. If you hate her so much then I don’t know how you even found this blog. Maybe you should try spending your time more productively rather than spewing hate and trying to make others feel bad about what they enjoy.

This is a weird question… But do you remembe…

This is a weird question… But do you remember in a vlog or Instagram story where Zoe had a weird looking lemon? Like the lemon had a bunch of "fingers". I think it's called a Buddha's hand lemon. Anyway, I saw a blogger talking about it and I was like, someone else was talking about that and I think it was Zoe but I can't remember for sure and it's bothering me 😛

I don’t remember this, but if someone else does they can let us know! 🙂

Can you guys please not put Zoe&Alfie phot…

Can you guys please not put Zoe&Alfie photos in separate posts from her photos with Mark? I only want to re-post ones with Alfie not Mark. Thankers x

I’m not sure which post(s) this is in reference to as I haven’t been online in days, but when we post photos from instagram stories, snapchat stories, etc… we post all of the latest updates together and group them into as few posts as possible. I’m sorry if it frustrates you, but this isn’t a zalfie blog – it’s a blog to post the latest updates on Zoe and it’s far easier and far more organised to post them the way that we already do. If you want to post the photos only of Zoe & Alfie, you can always download them yourself and post them, but this blog isn’t a ship blog of any kind and quite frankly it doesn’t really matter who’s in the photos – we’re just posting Zoe’s latest updates. Sorry that this probably isn’t the answer you were hoping for, I hope it makes sense though!

for that anon: it was the real vs fake ebay yeezys video on pointlessblogvlogs xx


Quite frankly i am just trying to find a specific vlog where Zoe and Alfie are trying out that new trend that is supposed to help with headaches. In her bathroom where she puts her feet in warm water and a cold towel on her neck. In that vlog she talks about the art that is on her bathroom wall and i am looking to see if i can find out where it is from as i’d personally like to buy it but cannot find the vlog.

I’m assuming this is from one of Alfie’s vlogs and I don’t watch Alfie so I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but I’ll post this message and hopefully one of our followers will know what you’re talking about and can let us know! 🙂