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Joe_Sugg: Always check your Oil kids ⛽️
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Hey! Can you pls write an imagine where Joe ge…

Hey! Can you pls write an imagine where Joe gets his wisdom tooth extracted and he gets all clingy and adorable?😂 Ps- I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR IMAGINES, YOU ARE AMAZING❤️

‘Wisdom Teeth’ is posted!

Hope you enjoy xx

Wisdom Teeth

Request: Joe gets his wisdom teeth out

“So?” You asked after Joe returned from his trip to the dentist.

When you didn’t get a response, you shifted your gaze from your book you were reading to the entryway where you saw you’re pouty boyfriend struggling to kick his shoes off, “Bad news?”

The grunt he made and the way he carried himself over to you said it all; the news he got from the dentist was not the news that he was hoping for.

Joe fell onto the couch, his head falling onto your lap not caring that his head landing firmly on your now closed book.

“They made me make an appointment for Wednesday morning.” Joe groaned as he pulled the book from under his head and dropping it to the floor.

“So tomorrow?” You asked looking down at him.

“Yeah..I suppose that’s tomorrow.”

“Better sooner than later right?” You asked as he sat up and gave you a look.

“No. I’d rather do it later love.”

“Joe, you’re going to be fine. There’s nothing to worry about, they do these surgeries all the time.”

“Y/N, you should know by now that all I do is worry-”

“Like getting your blood drawn?” You interrupted.

“…yes, like getting my blood drawn. But this is much different. I’ve never had surgery before and this is something that I can actually worry about.”

“But you don’t need to.” You said rubbing his back and he laid his head on your shoulder.

“But I’m going to.”


Joe was quiet the whole way back to the dentist. He was instructed not to eat anything so he sat in silence sipping on water as you hummed along to the songs on the radio. You tried making conversation with him in hopes to take his mind off of his surgery but his replies were either short or nonexistent.

He was nervous to say the least and you knew there wasn’t much you could do when he was like this; you could only assure him that he would be alright and let him do the rest.

You kissed Joe goodbye once he was called back by the dental assistant, “I’ll be right here the whole time.” You said to ease his nerves before he hesitantly walked back with the assistant.

Joe shifted on the couch with a groan making you stop what you were doing in the kitchen as you thought the noise you were making woke him up. He turned over, wrapping him blanket tighter around his body and settled back into the couch. You went back to making yourself a late lunch when we heard Joe groan again, and this time, sit up. 

He said something but stopped when he realized his mouth was still full of gauze from his surgery. He pulled the wet cotton from his mouth, shuddering slightly at the feeling before rubbing his eyes and speaking once again, “Babe..”

“Yes?” You replied laughing to yourself as you watched him fall back onto the couch with another groan, “You may need to put those back in love, your gums might still be bleeding.” 

You walked over to him with a clean gauze only to see him pull the blanket up over his head. You took a seat next to him on the couch, rubbing his legs that were curled closely to his chest. 

“How are you feeling?”

“Great” He mumbled, peaking over at you over the blanket. 

“Can I see?” You said pulling the blanket down his body and taking his hands to pull him up. 

He moved so he was sitting facing you, his face curved down into a frown. 

“Cheer up Sugg, it’s all over.” You said pushing his head back so you could take a look inside his mouth. 

“It just hurts” He said making a face as he began wetting his dry mouth, his tongue finding one of the holes in his gums. 

“Don’t do that.” You said holding his jaw and bring his face back level with yours, “I’ll get you some water, but the dentist told me specifically to not let you do that.” You said getting up to get him some water. 

“Are you hungry? The only thing you can really eat right now is ice cream so thats you’re only option.” You said bring Joe his water. 

He shook his head as he took the glass from your hands, nearly spilling it all over himself when he took a sip. 

You smiled and grinned as you sat back down next to him, taking the glass from him and setting it on the table in front of you. Joe moved to lay on your lap, propping his head up with the pillow he was perviously using.

“Gonna go back to sleep?” You asked running your fingers through his hair.

Instead of answering, he took your other hand in his, bringing it up to his mouth and kissing it before intertwining your fingers with his and snuggling deeper into the pillow.

Oooh cmonnn maybe once a week an imagine??! We…

Oooh cmonnn maybe once a week an imagine??! We miss You 😭

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