Joe Sugg imagine || Protective best friend ||

supeenaturalfan201 said: 

Hey could you write a
imagine where Joe walks in on y/n changing her clothes only to find
she she has bruises on her stomach and back. And i would like to see
Joe get really protective.

– –

I just picked a random boys name here, feel free to change it if you
wish. Also, trigger warning for references to domestic abuse? 

– –

would start pouring rain thirty seconds before I got into the house.”
You muttered shaking your hands as you stood barefoot on the warm
hardwood of Joe’s bedroom floor, small droplets of rain flying off
your finger tips.

off your t-shirt you let it drop to the floor, holding back a low
groan of pain from the bruises turning an awful shade of purple and
yellow around your ribs.

up the black t-shirt you borrowed from Joe you started pulling it
over your head. “Hey do you need pants, too?” Joe wondered into
the room ignoring the door only left barely ajar holding some grey
sweat pants, “Joe!” You said quickly, unsuspecting of him making
an appearance so quick and soundlessly.

sorry (Y/nickname).” Joe said averting his eyes from you quickly.
“Jesus.” You said breathlessly trying to pull the rest of the
shirt down as quickly as possible. “(Y/Nickname)…” Joe said his
eyes back on you, but not your face.

You asked carefully, your back was to him finally getting the shirt
all the way down. “You’re all bruised up.” His voice was serious
and low. “You’re seeing things.” You waved him off quickly,
feeling your heart rate going up.

know what I saw, don’t play me like I’m stupid.” Joe said
defensively, “what happened?” He asked you, putting the pants he
was holding onto the bed, walking closer to you. “Nothing
happened.” You were still trying to be as cool as possible while
your best friend kept getting closer, putting you into a figurative

you fall? Did, did Ricky … Hit you?” Joe pressed on with the
questions. “Oh my god, no!” You said quickly trying to move
around Joe but he wouldn’t let you walk around him. “(Y/N)!” Joe
exclaimed, confusion and concern written all over his face.
paused, Joe rarely called you by your name, it was always your
nickname, unless he meant business. “I fell, I fell.” You laughed
a little trying to get him to stop asking questions. “When?” He
asked crossing his arms.

while ago.” You brushed him off, biting the edge of your bottom lip
nervously. “You never told me about this…” He didn’t believe
you and you knew he didn’t believe you. “I forgot to mention it.”
You shrugged before wincing, the bruises along your back and shoulder
blades protesting any kind of movement like that without pain. “You
tell me everything, I tell you everything….” He watched you
wince. “You’re overreacting.” You said dryly trying to keep
yourself together as you picked up the sweatpants off the bed,
walking into the open washroom you closed the door behind you so you
could change in peace.

he’s hurting you, I want to know!” Joe called through the door, you
sighed leaning against the wall, “he isn’t!” You called back,
undoing your jeans slowly and pushing them off, looking down at the
faded bruises that were almost gone on your tights staring back at

don’t believe you.” Joe opened the door and walked into the
washroom with you as you stood there in your underwear and his
t-shirt which ended at your mid-thigh.

You snapped at him a little. “Invasion of privacy much?” You
glared up at him slightly. “You don’t keep things from me, that’s
not how best friends are, you tell each other everything…” He was
standing directly in front of you, “and if you are keeping
something from me, it’s major… And it means you don’t trust me
enough to tell me.” He brought his fingers up to gently caress the
side of your face.

trust you, Joe.” You spoke as your eyes closed to his light touch,
“Do you, (Y/N)?” He asked softly, his fingers slowly and
cautiously brushed down your neck stopping at the base where your
collarbone began. “Because you’re covered in marks and not telling
me the truth.” He took his fingers away from you, your eyes that
opened long ago found his, staring into them.
“It was just once
or twice.” You spilled out an excuse you kept telling yourself in
your head daily. “Once or twice isn’t okay!” Joe said in all
seriousness. “Someone you’re suppose to trust is hurting you – my
best friend – someone I love and that is far from okay.” He
narrowed his eyes.

just let it go.” You managed to pull the sweatpants on quickly as
Joe was silent but the look on his face and in his eyes were changing
by the second. “Of course I’m not letting this go, are you insane?”
He asked looking down at you seriously.

You caught his hand quickly as he turned to leave the washroom
without another word, holding onto him to keep him close was
difficult as he tried pulling his hand away. “What are you doing?
Where are you going?” You barely had a hold on a few of his fingers
as you both headed for the stairs.

kill him.” He said seriously, his fingers slipping from his as he
darted up the stairs.
“No you wont, Joe, stop.” You caught up
to him, he remained silent pacing the space around the kitchen and
living room. “Why didn’t you tell me? You’re my best friend…”
He stopped long enough to give you a hard stare, before going for his

“I was scared.” You moved again to stand in front of
the front door. “(Y/N), move.” Joe warned you, but you kept your
position. “Please, stop.” You pleaded with him. “No, anyone who
thinks it’s okay to lay hands on someone else deserves the same thing
to happen to them, he’ll pay for hurting you.” He tried to move you
aside carefully but his hands still pressed into sore spots on your
body, you winced.

felt his hands leave you moments after you winced, “oh
(y/nickname)…” He whispered, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you
sooner, I wanted to tell you.” You threw your arms around your best
friends middle, burying your face into his chest holding onto him

brought his arms around you, holding your close against him, “I
love you, you’re my best friend – we’ve accomplished and failed at
so many things together, I can’t stand here and let someone go
walking around like they aren’t doing anything wrong.” He said.
“He’ll suffer.” – Those words left him like a final statement.

isn’t you… You aren’t like him – you don’t hurt people just to
hurt them… You never have, you’re soft and sweet… It’s why you’re
my best friend and I love you.” You glanced up at him, still
tightly holding him.

and sweet only last for so long, you don’t understand (Y/N). There
are very few people in this world I would become something I’m not to
protect them and you are one of those people… No one is going to
cause you pain and suffering while I’m standing here.” He forced a
small smile. “Even if I have to kick their ass into next month.”
He nodded.

stay here, with me… For a little while?” You asked softly, still
not letting him go, giving him no chance to walk out the front door.
“I know I’m safe when I’m with you, I don’t want you to go
anywhere.” You added.

Joe nodded. He kissed the top of your head lightly. “I’m never
going anywhere, you and I are stuck together forever.” He assured,
looking at the clock on the wall. “Come on… You’re not leaving
tonight.” He let you go, but took your hand leading you toward the
couch. “Tomorrow we’re going to get your stuff from Ricky’s place
and you’re staying here with us until we sort something else out.”
He nodded, setting the plan in stone.