Byron Langley


Byron Langley.

You had only met Byron three times and all three times were when he was in London visiting Josh and Caspar for a few days. The third time however, he was here longer, much longer.

You had gone around Josh and Caspar’s with Joe one day to find Byron was still sitting on their couch, the same place he had been for well over a month now.

“Are you moving in?” Joe joked as you watched Byron laugh. The corners of his mouth wrinkling up and revealing the cutest smile lines you’ve ever seen.  

“Thinking about it….hey nice to see you again.” He said, flashing you a smile.

That was the third time you had met Byron, but it wasn’t the last time you saw him. Actually, you saw him nearly everyday as he had really did decided to move in, but not with Caspar and Josh. He had moved into your best friend’s spare room which was technically your room whenever you would stay around Joe’s. That didn’t stop you from staying over though. You had spent many nights on Joe’s couch, passing out after a night of fun with him and Byron. Bryon would always offer you the bed seeing it was basically yours to begin with but you denied, telling him that it was now his bedroom and that you were fine with taking the couch.

As the months went on with Byron staying with Joe, the tension between you two increased. In the first couple of times you two met, you both were shy. The flirting between the two of you was minimal but it was still there. A few months ago when Joe had joked about him moving in, the smile Byron flashed you was different from the others.

Usually Byron’s smile was laced with sadness as he was only in London for a few days and it would be months, maybe even years, before he ever saw you again. But the smile he gave you that day wasn’t laced with sadness, it was laced with something else that you couldn’t quite figure out.

Even though you couldn’t figure it out, Joe could. You and Joe had been friends ever since you could remember and he could tell that there was something between you and Byron even if you didn’t know it yourself. You were pretty sure that Joe had mentioned something to Byron by the way that he awkwardly moved around his house when you and Byron happened to be in the same room together.


You were standing in the kitchen, your eyes focused on the work that was displayed on the screen while Joe and Byron filmed a video. You sang along quietly to the music that played through your speakers so you weren’t paying any attention to the boy who had emerged from bedroom.

“Hey.” You jumped at the sound of the sudden voice behind you, “Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” You said pausing your music and looking up at the South African who had just given you a minor heart attack.

“You should really try out for the band. I feel like it could use a bit of you.” Byron said as he walking around you to grab some water.

“A bit of me?” You asked.

“Yeah, you’ve got a nice voice. It could really add something to the band…if you could even call it that right now. Can you have a band with just two people?” He said flashing you his smile.

“I think you can. You two obviously have it all taken care of…you on all of the instruments and Joe on vocals and management…and marketing.” You laughed.

“I’ll talk to him about letting you try out. If this thing really takes off, you should be apart of it.” He said warmly making you crinkle your face in a weird way.

You gave him a nod before turning back to your laptop but you couldn’t focus as you felt his eyes still on you.

“Can I ask you a question?”


“Is it weird having me around?” He asked, causing you to stop your work.

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno, just living here, being around you nearly everyday. It that weird?”

“Umm, no. I like it actually. Gives me someone to hang out with while Joe is off doing YouTube things.” You said gesturing to the room Byron had left Joe in.

“Right…” Byron said as he watched you turn back to you work, “Would it be weird if I asked you out then?”

You froze for a moment, not expecting him to ask you out, “Um no. No that wouldn’t be weird at all.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Right now?”

“Yeah. Joe’s editing his video for tonight and that’ll probably take a few hours…so why don’t we go grab something to eat.”

“Okay,” You said closing your laptop, “Let me just grab my things.” You said walking down the hallway where you had dumped a bunch of your things earlier that weekend.

Joe was still sitting on the bed, seeming to not have moved after he had finished filming. He looked up from his laptop flashing you a quick wink before going back to work. You turned away, back to Byron who was waiting at the door.

“You ready?”

“Mhmm.” You smile as you lead him out the door.