Imagines Joe Sugg || Drunk dare ||



Hi-hi! I
have a request for you…. kinda like the bet imagine you once wrote,
except Joe is dared to date the reader by Casper or one of the guys!
And can you make it angst–unless that isn’t your forte ☺️? ?

– – –

gotta tell her, I mean – you’ve gotta tell her.” Caspar pointed
out as he sat on the couch, watching Joe pacing back and forth on the
living room floor, pulling at his hair in stress. “Can you shut up?
Please?! PLEASE!” Joe snapped at him as he stopped pacing for a
minute, looking at Caspar with a glare, who held his hands up not
speaking another word.

is right…” Oli spoke from the small kitchen, screwing the cover
back on his bottle of water, the entire apartment was filled with a
bad tension, as Joe agonised about
the whole situation he’d gotten himself into. “This is all Caspar’s
fault to start with!” Joe pointed out.

I just made the dare … You didn’t have to actually do it.” Caspar
spoke but very carefully, really not wanting Joe to lash out at him
anymore then he had done the last couple weeks. “Shut up.” Joe
groaned, throwing himself into the desk chair, letting out another
groan, using his forehead to hit the desk lightly a couple times
trying to clear his mind.

you can do is tell the truth before it goes on any longer. She might
be able to forgive you now, next week it might be too late.” Oli
was trying to be the supportive one, this wasn’t even his problem but
he felt guilty by association,

– great Oli, sure she will… Or she’ll slap me and never wanna
talk to me again.” Joe’s voice was very bitter. “Joe.” Oli
wasn’t taking the way he was acting as personally as Caspar was. “If
she does… And, that’s the case – you can’t blame her. She might
not wanna talk to you for a while though.”

she’s gonna hate me.” Joe moaned, “why did you even ask her out
on a dare if you knew you’d end up liking her?” Caspar found a few
drops of courage again standing up, getting a little angry at Joe

DON’T KNOW!” Joe yelled at him, dread written across his face.
“Why’d you have to come up with a stupid dare?” He interjected
back to Caspar and as Caspar opened his mouth, knocking came from the
front door of the apartment and all three of them looked at it…

the dumbest dare I’ve ever heard.” Joe was pretty tipsy as he
looked at Caspar. “Fine, fine.” Caspar put his drink down and
thought a little harder. “I dare you to ask out (Y/N).” He said

Joe asked with his eyebrows knitted together and a half  ‘what kind
of dare is that?’ tone. “She’ll say yes, I’m hot as fuck.” Joe
was a touch cockier when he was drinking and Oli started to snicker.
“Hell yeah you are!” Caspar held his hand up and Joe reached over
giving him a hard high five.

her.” Caspar held up Joe’s phone and Joe looked from Caspar to the
phone, he grabbed it quickly…

“Are you going to answer it?” Oli wondered seeing
Joe still staring with a dead expression to the door, but his eyes
were filled with regret and panic. “Oh my god.” He muttered
walking across the floor, he unlocked the door and opened it. “Hey!”
He said brightly.

“Hey.” You smiled seeing Oli, giving him a quick
hug, walking into the apartment and you stopped, “what?” You
wondered what you had missed by the looks on Caspar and Joe’s face.

“Nothing.” Caspar said a little too quickly for
comfort, it made you uneasy, only having been seeing Joe a little
over a month and, while it started with a random text message in the
middle of the night, you really liked him.

“Ohhhkay.” You said awkwardly. “Are you ready?”
You glanced to Joe who seemed frozen. “Uh, yeah.” He said
clearing his throat, nodding patting his pockets for what you assumed
was his phone and keys.

“Great.” You smiled. You were dressed (feel free
to change it) in some simple dark blue jeans, with a crimson thin
long sleeved V-Neck shirt under your buttoned up navy peacoat. It
wasn’t a super-specially planned date night, you were just going to
get some hot chocolate and take a walk around in the coolness of the
fall night upon you and, that was perfect by you.

“Lets go.” Joe said giving you a quick smile as you
both headed out the door, “Joe…” Oli caught his attention on
the way out giving him a serious look and Joe waved him off out of
your view…

“So, you’ve been really quiet.” You noted to Joe, as
you walked through worn dirt pathway of a park, coming to a trash bin
you dropped your empty cup into it. Turning to glance at Joe who had
stopped walking and slipped his hands into his pockets avoiding your

“Joe!” You half snapped at him to catch his
attention, “sorry.” He admitted, exhaling his breath visible from
the crisp night air. “What’s going on with you?” You asked
crossing your arms tightly. “(Y//N)…” Joe sighed, his sneakers
were noisy against some loose dirt under them as he turned entirely
away from you.

“What?” You asked quickly, that uneasy feeling
coming back up your throat from your stomach. Groaning Joe turned
back to look at you, his expression was a twist of regret and agony.
“What?” You asked again, your heart starting to beat harder.

“I fucked up…” Joe whispered and you swallowed
roughly, “I don’t understand…” You whispered. “Please don’t
hate me…” Joe kept the same tone and you started to panic from
the inside. “What happened?” You carefully asked, taking half a
pace backward as he stepped a little closer.

“(Y/N)…” He reached out for you, but you kept your
arms firmly crossed and your distance. “What did you do?” You
felt yourself asking, even though you weren’t entirely sure you
wanted to know, a million thoughts and assumptions rushing through
your mind at a hundred kilometres an hour.

“Please, let me explain.” He sighed, dropping the
arm that was reaching out for you. “I never meant for this to
happen.” He started talking rapidly, fiddling with his hands. “It’s
Caspar’s fault… He, started it…”

You stood in silence, shock, hurt, and confusion mixing
together throughout your whole body as you listened to Joe spill the
tale of how he asked you out based on a drunken dare from Caspar Lee,
each word leaving his lips hit you harder and harder.

“You have to know, I never meant to hurt you… I
never thought you’d even say yes and when you did say yes… I didn’t
think… I didn’t think…” Joe sucked in a breath, letting it out
slowly, “I didn’t think… I’d end up, falling for you.” He

Looking away from him quickly, toward a light post above
you, you hoped the harsh yellow light would some how dry away the
tears glazed over in your eyes so they didn’t have a chance to fall.

“(Y/nickname) … Please say something,” he spoke
carefully, your jaw set tightly, sniffing softly turning back to
focus on his nervous expression. “I was a drunken dare?” You
asked him almost unbelieving with an angry undertone in each word.

“I’m so sorry! It’s been eating away at me for weeks,
please you have to believe me, I didn’t mean to cause you hurt.”
Joe said pulling at his hair anxiously, his scalp aching from all the
pulling he’d done to his hair earlier.

“I was… A DRUNK DARE!?” You finally snapped, your
yelling echoing across the empty space around you. “ARE YOU KIDDING
ME!?” You kept trying to sound angry, so the hurt didn’t take over
– you refused to cry in front of him.

“Please…” Joe stood inches from you, “I’m
sorry.” He put his hands gently on your upper arms but you finally
uncrossed your arms and shoved him away from you. “Don’t touch me.”
You glared.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” Joe kept trying to apologise and
it made everything worse. “I’m not some dare, Joe! I’m a person
with feelings!” You snapped, swatting in his direction as he kept
trying to come closer to you, you kept stepping backwards.

Until a dip in the dirt you weren’t expecting caused you
to misstep and you felt yourself trip, throwing your hands behind you
to stop yourself from going flat on your back you sat there on your
ass, a little surprised about what just happened.

“(Y/N)!” Joe said ignoring your shouts to leave you
alone, as he went to grab you and help you up, you pushed yourself
up, standing quickly. “I said stay away from me.” You glared.

“I’m just trying to help you!” Joe exclaimed. “I
don’t need your help, I don’t need you! Go find someone else to
mentally fuck with, leave me, the hell, alone!” You put as much
sting into your words you could as you spoke them.

You turned around and rushed away, as fast as you
physically could, leaving Joe standing alone, with his fists curled
tightly against his palms, he groaned. “Joe you’re a fucking
idiot!” He snapped at himself.

Wanting to go after you, he knew the damage was done,
“fuck!” He snapped, kicking at a rock, sending it across the dirt
into the grass…