Zalfie’s House


“I think they’d really enjoy this one.” Joe said handing you a card that said something about ‘congratulations on the new house’.

“Okay, anything else?” You asked tossing the card into your basket along with the other housewarming gifts you had found.

“I think this is enough love. We aren’t the only ones who are visiting the new Zalfie house.” Joe laughed as he pushed you over to the registers.

“Yeah I know, we are one of the lasts.” You said rolling your eyes.

Finally after weeks of trying to find a date that worked well with yours, Joe’s and Zalfie’s schedule, you were going to see the new house.

You and Joe had known that Zoe and Alfie were moving soon after they had just begun looking for new houses. After buying the house, Zoe had taken you and Mark to go take a look but you could hardly remembered what it looked like as it was earlier in the year and there was still work being done on it.

You had seen bits and pieces of the new house from Instagram and vlogs and you were growing anxious while you waited for this weekend to finally come around.

“Alright guys!” Joe said after turning on this vlogging camera after the two of you got into your car, “It’s finally time to see the Zalfie house!” He yelled as you smiled and clapped your hands in excitement.

The rest of the car ride down to Brighton was mostly Joe filling you in on all of his big ideas he has been thinking about recently. He did this quite often. He wanted to make sure that he wasn’t crazy before he actually talked to his management, or even Caspar, about it and he trusted your opinion. You never steered him in the wrong direction and always made sure that he was actually thinking out each and every step before he presented the idea to someone. In between these discussions, the car was filled with yours and Joe’s voices as you belted out the words to your favorite songs.

“Is this is?” You said slowing down as you arrived at the house your GPS had led you to.

“I dunno, you’re the one who’s been here before.” Joe laughed as you pushed the buzzer on the gate.

“Oi who goes there?” Alfie’s voice came out of the speaker.

“It’s only your favorite brother-in-law!” Joe shouted, practically in your ear.

“It’s about time!” Alfie said opening the gate.

You and Joe pulled into the driveway and as soon as you had put the car into park, Zoe was opening your door.

“Hi!!” She squealed as she pulled you out of the car and into a hug, “I’m so happy you’re finally here!”

“Oh cheers Zo.” Joe said getting out of the car.

“Oh you know I’m always excited for you to visit too Broseph.” She said making her way to the other side of the car, Nala following closely.

“Well come on guys. Don’t know why we are hanging out in the drive, we’ve got a new bloody house!” Alfie said helping you grab the bags from the car and moving them inside.

You and Joe followed Zoe throughout the house as she gave you a quick tour on the way to the bedroom the two of you would be staying for the weekend. You could hear the excitement in Zoe’s voice as she talked about her plans for each room and you were honestly so happy for her and Alfie and wished them nothing but the best for their future together.

After the tour, the four of you decided to catch up before Alfie left to go to a meeting and Joe and Zoe decided to crack on with filming their collabs. You sat off to the side of the camera, out of the shot but still in reach in case they needed an extra hand. You did this with Joe as well, as he most likely always needed an extra hand when he was filming alone.

Joe flicked off the light as he shut the bathroom door behind him, the only light was from the moon that shone through the curtains. It was now the end of the day and you had already been in bed for an hour or so before Joe finally decided to Joe you.

Joe shuffled around the room for a bit before you felt the bed dip beside you, cold hands running over your warm skin. You rolled over so you were now facing your boyfriend, who was clearly more tired than he let on today.

“It’s a nice house isn’t it?” You mumbled just loud enough for Joe to understand you.

“Yeah it is. You can’t get this in London.” He said rubbing your back absentmindedly.

“So does that mean we are actually going to leave London one day?” You asked, your eyes still closed as you were willing to fully wake up to finish this conversation.

“One day.” You heard him say, “We’ll need a place big enough for the kids to run around with the dogs, inside and outside.”

You let out a small laugh, “That’s fine with me.” You managed to get out before drifting back off to sleep.