Mild Smut*

A few weeks ago you were offered an amazing opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine, a magazine that would open the door to so many more opportunities as you decided to actually take this modeling career seriously.

You had been modeling for as long as you could remember. You’re parents thought you were the cutest baby on the planet so they carried you in their arms to your first audition at 5 months old. Apparently everyone also thought you were the cutest baby as well because you were casted almost immediately and thus unknowingly began your modeling career.

You had taken a break from modeling all throughout your school days and only started to think that you could make a living out of it a few years ago. That’s how you met Joe.

The two of you met on a photoshoot for a company you both were heavily involved in. After working together for a few days, he finally got enough courage to ask you out. And now, nearly a year and a half later, the two of you were practically inseparable which caused the two of you to clash over your recent cover offer.

Joe had always told you that he supported your work and he loved seeing you on covers of magazines with your own page spread inside, but this cover had him a bit worried and he wasn’t on board…at all.

When Playboy called and asked if you would like to be on their cover, you didn’t believe your manager. You thought this was some kind of joke that Joe was playing on you, but when you told him about the offer, you quickly realized that he had nothing to do with it.

You weren’t too sure what Joe was feeling; anger, disappointment, hesitation to let you go through with it. Whatever it was the he was feeling, you knew that it wasn’t excitement.

The two of you got into a huge argument about it and didn’t talk to each other up until the day of the shoot, which was difficult seeing that you two lived together.

The morning of the shoot, you rolled over in your empty bed. The fight between the two of you made Joe not even want to sleep in the same bed as you so he took the guest room. You pushed yourself out of bed and into the shower. It was far too early in the morning to do your daily routine so you were glad the people at Playboy were doing your hair and makeup.

After stepping out of the shower, you pulled on some clothes and headed downstairs for some breakfast when you heard the sound of the shower in the guest bedroom shut off. You remembered that Joe had an early morning meeting today followed by more meeting throughout the day. You had really wanted him to come along for the shoot, maybe seeing the behind the scenes would open his mind up a little more but you knew that even if he was free he still wouldn’t go.

You were sat at the worktop eating your bowl of cereal when Joe walked out of bedroom, a towel draped around the lower half of his torso.

“Hey” He said pushing his wet hair out of his face.

“Hi.” You said moving your attention back to your phone.

His footsteps faded up the stairs as you continued to eat your breakfast. That’s how a majority of your morning went, the ones where you actually spoke to each other.

You didn’t really understand why Joe was so angry and he never told you. In the heat of everything, he never said why he was feeling the way he was which made for a very one-sided argument of you telling him everything that this cover will do for your future. If you were completely honest, there should really be no reason as to why the two of you weren’t properly speaking or why he didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as you but you weren’t going to be the one who apologize.

Maybe that was you being stubborn or maybe it was because you weren’t going to apologize for doing something that would launch your career. Nevertheless, the two of you tiptoed around each other well after you left for the shoot that morning.


“Yes, mhmm…” You said through the phone that was propped between your ear and your shoulder as you tore through the cardboard box you had just brought up to the flat, “Yes, I’m opening the box right now…wow-” You said looking at the magazine.

Playboy had sent you a ton of your magazine covers with a note saying how much you were a pleasure to work with and how well they think the cover turned out.

“Oh yes, sorry I’m still here. I actually love this.” You said to your manager on the online.

You picked up one of the magazines, smiling to yourself as your manager talked into your ear. You flicked through the pages looking for your spread, smiling once again when you found it. The pictures that filled each page weren’t too risque but were very much Playboy-esque and you couldn’t have been any happier with how they turned out.

You talked on the phone with your manager for a little while longer while flicking through the pages before hanging out just as Joe walked into the kitchen.

“Are those your covers?” He asked glancing at the magazine in your hand on his way to the fridge.

“Mhmm.” You said sliding the one in your hand across the worktop over to him.

“Page 24.” You said watching him flip through the pages.

“…so?” You asked after a while of silence.

“I like it.”

“You what?”

“I like them. I think it looks really good love.” Joe said still looking at the spread.

“Joe what the fuck!” You said louder than expected causing him to jump slightly.


“What do you mean you ‘think it’s really good’?”

“Do you want me to hate it?” He asked looking very confused.

“I want you to tell me why the hell you were so against me doing this shoot in the first place. We didn’t say more than two words to each other for weeks and you’re just going to tell me that the cover looks good?” Your voice was loud now as you realized that the fight was absolutely avoidable.

Joe took a deep breath as he closed the magazine in front of him, “Love, I’m sorry. I dunno I guess I was just worried that’s all. After all this is a Playboy magazine.”

“Joe do you really think that I’m the kind of person to do that kind of photoshoot? Maybe one day if I feel comfortable but it will most definitely not be with Playboy. You’ve even been on photoshoots Joe, they don’t make you do anything that you’re not comfortable with.”

“I know love-” Joe started.

“Well then there was no reason for you to be worried.” You said cutting him off.

“I guess you could say jealous…”

“Joe why would you be jealous?” You crossed your arms as you watched him walk over to you.

“Because babe, my friends will want this magazine…strangers will want this magazine-”


“So…” He said running a finger over your cheek, “I don’t really want all those people looking at you like that.”

“Joe..” You said rolling your eyes before turning around to head of the room but you were stopped by Joe’s hand on your waist.

“You have to understand why I was so worried about you being on this cover.” He said pulling you closer and whispering in your ear.

“Because your friends would have this magazine..?” You said relaxing your body as you felt his lip graze your neck.

“Yeah, I know they think you’re fit so I didn’t really want them looking at you in that shoot.”

“But now it’s okay because you like the photos?”

“I like photos but it’s still not okay love.” Joe said, his lips now fully placing kisses on your neck.

“So what are you going to do now? I can’t exactly stop them from buying the magazine.” You said closing your eyes and moving your head to the side.

“What would you like me to do love.” He said letting go of your waist and leading you up the stairs to the bedroom.

Joe pushed you back against the bed, you lips connecting with each others as he pulled your shirt up and over your head. You’re hand reached around your back to unclasp your bar before you pulled Joe over top of you as you laid back against the bed. 

“I’ve missed you.” Joe said pulling away from the kiss to lift his own shirt over his head and fumble with the belt on his jeans. 

“And who’s fault is that?” You smirked as you pulled down your own jeans.

“It was jealousy fault.” Joe said and he leaned down and connected his lips with yours again. 

“You have nothing to be jealous of love.” You said after he pulled away to grab condom from the side table, “You know that right?”

“Mhmm.” He said placing a kiss on your lips after he slid the condom onto his hardened length. 

He hovered over you, bracing himself with his palms on either side of your head, as he slowly pushed himself into you. You let out a low moan as he filled you up. While not talking to each other for a few weeks did suck, the sex afterwards was always great, granted you and Joe rarely fought. 

Joe slowly started thrusting into you, picking up the pace with affirming moan you let out. 

“Oh Joe.” You moan out, clenching around him after he began hitting your g-spot with each thrust. 

“I’m not going to last much longer Y/N.” Joe said in a rushed breath.

“Me either.” You said clenching tighter around him.

Within a few more thrusts, you and Joe both released as sea of moans filled the room.

“I’m sorry” You said, running a hand through Joe’s floppy hair that have fallen into his eyes.

“No, I’m the one who should be sorry. I should’ve been happy for you getting this cover. It really did turn out great and I’m sure this will open up so many new doors for you because you’re beautiful and smart and deserve every photoshoot you get called for.”

“Thats babe.” You said kissing his nose, “And can you please just tell me the next time you are jealous?”

“No because there won’t be a next time” Joe grinned before pushing himself off of you and disappearing into the bathroom.