Meeting the Boys

“What?” You asked as you looked up at your boyfriend who had a worried look on his face.

“Are you sure you want do this?” He asked causing you to roll your eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I want to meet your friends but you are the one who is being all weird about it.” You said placing the book you were reading on Joe’s couch.

“And for a good reason, love. My friends are…something. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but they can be a handful.”

“Joe,” You said warmly as you looked at your boyfriend’s worried face, “It’s been 4 months and I’ve only met Byron and he’s not bad at all.” You laughed.

“But Byron is the most normal one.” Joe said a little too loudly.

“Hey!” Byron’s voice echoed from his bedroom, “Are you guys talking about me?”

“Joe’s scared about me meeting the rest of your friends.” Directing your voice to Byron but raised an eyebrow at Joe.

“Why mate? Our friends are great!” He said walking in the living room and taking a seat opposite you on the couch.

“Well the South African’s are…she hasn’t met the Maynard’s or Mikey yet…” Joe said to Byron causing them both to laugh.

“Oh true. Y/N you might want to rethink dinner tonight.” Byron laughed as he looked over at you.

“I think if I can handle Joe, I should be able to handle the rest of them.”

“If that’s what you think.” Byron said standing back up from the couch.

You gave them both a weird look as you watched Byron disappear back into his room. Tonight was the night you were finally going to meet the rest of Joe’s friends. You had heard so much about them in the few short months you had been dating Joe and you were excited but Joe’s comments lately have made you rethink tonight.

For the past couple of weeks, Joe had been asking you if you were really up for meeting his mates or if you could push back the dinner to a later date like he had today. He was nervous and his nerves were getting to you which didn’t usually happen. You were usually an outgoing person who loved meeting new people but as tonight’s dinner grew closer, Joe’s words haunted you.


“You ready love?” Joe asked as he peaked his head into his bedroom where you were sat getting ready.

“Umm…I don’t know?” You said looking at him in the mirror.

“Well you look beautiful-”

“That’s not what I mean. Am I ready to meet your friends?”

You heard Joe take a deep breath before he moved up behind you, placing his hand on your shoulders, “What’s this all about? I thought you wanted to meet them?”

“I did until you and Byron got in my head today.” You said giving him a look as he started to laugh, “Joe quit, it’s not funny.

“It is love, but I’m sorry. You have no reason to be nervous. Yes my friends are idiots and obnoxious but it’s nothing you can handle, I promise. Like you said, if you can handle me you should have no trouble with the rest of them.”

“Then why did you and Byron say otherwise?”

“Because we are idiots. Honestly, the guys will love you and you will love them.” Joe said kissing your head gently, “Come on, you look beautiful. Byron is downstairs waiting for us.

You and Joe headed downstairs where you met Byron and got into the car that you take you to dinner.

“Do you remember everyone’s names?” Byron asked from the front seat.

“Um, there’s Caspar, Josh and Grant who were your friends first, and you and Caspar were roommates, right?” You asked the boys as they nodded, “Okay, and then there’s Jack and Conor who are brothers who grew up with Mikey.”

“Correct, but you are forgetting one love.” Joe said placing a hand on your lap.

“Really? I thought you said there were six others.” You asked.

“Well Grant didn’t know if he was going to make it tonight so he technically makes seven.” Byron said.

“So who did I forget?”

“Oli. Mr. Oliver White. He’s one that you don’t need to worry about, he’s like Byron.” Joe said causing Byron to turn around in his seat.

“Oh right…Oli.” You said looking out the window.  

When the car finally pulled up to the restaurant, the nerves that you had thought had left your body came flooding back.

“You coming love?” Joe asked. He was outside, his hand stretched out for yours from outside the open car door.

“I suppose so.” You smiled taking his hand.

“There you three are! We’ve been here for ages!” A boy shouted when the three of you walked closer to a large table, many whose seats were almost all taken.

“Traffic mates.” Byron said as he took one of the empty seats.

“Mhmm sure. So Joe, are you finally going to introduce us to your lady friend?” The same boy spoke again.

“Ah yeah. Guys this is Y/N, Y/N this is Caspar,” Joe said, gesturing to the boy, “Josh, Conor, Mikey, Jack, Grant and…the one you forgot about, Oli.”

“The one you forgot about? Y/N you and me and not starting off on a good note.” Oli said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry Oli.” You said taking the open seat next to him, “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“It better not.”

“So Y/N, we’ve already heard the story of how you and Joe met but we wanna hear it from you.” Josh said from across the table.

“Yeah we feel like Joe left out a few details of that night.” Mikey said before erupting with laughter with the Jack who was sitting next to him.

“Oh is that so? I think Joe should tell it again and I’ll make sure he’s tell the truth.” You said looking over at your boyfriend whose cheeks had gone a slight shade of red.

“I think she’ll fit right in.” Caspar whispered to Joe.

“Yeah, I think she will.” Joe smiled as he watched you laugh at something you, Oli and Josh were talking about.