You Suck


You never had a problem with Britt. You loved her and the relationship she had with your boyfriend but you couldn’t help but feel a little left out whenever they were together.

You understood that Joe was excited that his friend was coming to England for a week but when it came to people, he was never good at multitasking. Actually he was never good at multitasking in general. He was a person who was only able to focus on one thing at a time and unfortunately, that’s what he did with people.

You and Joe had just recently moved in together and you got the feeling that Joe was still not used to having you around 24/7. Joe had planned his week with Britt earlier that year when the two of you were living separately so he obviously didn’t think that he would also have to entertain his girlfriend.

Nor had you expected him to. You had work to do and other friends you could hang out with but as the week went on, you felt Joe slowly slipping away from you.

You didn’t think much of it at first. You hung out with your friends after work and would come home to Joe and Britt having a good laugh, if they were even home. Other nights Joe would crawl into bed next to you, failing to not wake you up from the moment the two of them walked through the front door.

It was now the last day of Britt’s visit and her and Joe had been out all morning. You woke up to an empty bed, getting a text a few hours later from Joe about he and Britt’s whereabouts. You rolled your eyes at the text before replying with a short and generic response.

You had taken the day off of work so you could actually hang out with Joe and Britt for once. The three of you had plans to go out later that night but you no longer felt like going. If Joe had unconsciously been ignoring you for the past week, why would it be any different on a night out?

You pushed your laptop off your lap as you stared around the empty apartment. You needed something to do so you weren’t cooped up in the house bored all day while your boyfriend showed his friend around London. You remembered a few weeks ago Zoe had asked you and Joe to come down for the weekend but you declined as Britt was here. After giving her a call to see if the offer was still on the table, you moved from your position on the couch to go pack a bag.


“You know I’m really glad you called Y/N. I was beginning to get bored of my own presence.” Zoe laughed as the two of you sat on her couch watching a movie and catching up.

“Yeah I was pretty bored myself.” You said thinking back to your boyfriend who was probably still out with Britt since you haven’t received a ‘where are you?’ text.

“I thought Britt was around?”

“She is. Your brother is out showing her London as we speak.” You said simply.

“Has he been doing that all week?” Zoe asked.

You looked over at her, raising an eyebrow at her slightly to answer her question.

“I’m sorry love. He’s really bad at multitasking.” She said placing a hand on your leg.

“Yeah, he is.” You laughed, “I also think he just hasn’t gotten use to me being around all the time yet. I mean he knows I live with him but I think he forgets I come over to his after I’ve finished work now. Or like today, I took today off of work so the three of us could properly hangout and I woke up this morning to an empty bed.”

“Oh Joseph.” Zoe said rolling her eyes, “Boys do suck sometimes.”

“Speaking of, where’s yours? Why are you all alone this weekend?” You said realizing you haven’t seen Alfie since you have arrived.

“Out doing something. I don’t even know. He’s in London today actually then he’ll be elsewhere tomorrow, so it’s just me and the pooch this weekend. Isn’t that right Nala.” Zoe said in her high pitched voice as she looked dog at her sleeping dog.

“Oh hey, look at that.” You said as you paused mid-step to take a look at your phone.

“What’s that?” Zoe called out from the kitchen.

“A text from Joe.” You said as you continued to make your way to join her in the kitchen.

“Just now?? Oh my god Joe!” She said glancing up at you after setting the boxes of pizza on the counter.

“Yup. He just asked when I’d be back. Guess they’ve been out all day.” You said moving your fingers across your phone’s keyboard.

“What’d you tell him?”

“Just to go without me, I’m out with a friend…” You trailed off as you looked up at Zoe who was giving you a sad look, “I’m fine.”

“He’s an idiot Y/N. I’m not going to beat on him too much because he is my brother, but he is an idiot. He’ll figure that out soon enough.”

“Yeah, I feel bad though. Britt leaves in the morning and I haven’t gotten to see much of her.”

“But who’s fault is that?” Zoe said passing you the pizza boxes as she grabbed a few other things before the two of you made your back to your positions on the couch.


You rolled back over in bed as the sound of your ringtone stopped once again. You were about to drift back off to sleep when your phone went off again.

“Oh my god.” You mumbled as you reached for our phone and hitting answer, “Hello?”

“Y/N? Where are you??” The familiar worried voice floated through the speakers.

You took the phone away from your ear as you read the contact name;    Joseph💕.

“Um hi, I’m at Zoe’s.” You said sitting up in bed realizing you never actually told him where you were.

“Zoe’s? You’re in Brighton? Why are you in….when did you go to Brighton?”

“Yesterday, around midday while you were out with Britt. I had the day off and decided that I didn’t want to wait around for you two to return so I called Zo up.” You said with a yawn as you got out of bed.

Joe’s end of the line was quiet as you made your way downstairs where you found Zoe stood by a window watching Nala out in the rain.

“Can I come down there?” Joe asked quietly.

“If you want to. Has Britt left yet?”

“Yeah, about half an hour ago.”

“Alright, well come if you want to. It’s just me and Zoe here.”

“Yeah we’re just discussing how much boys suck.” Zoe said loud enough for her brother to hear her.

“Yeah…I’ll see you in a bit then.” Joe said quietly again.

“I think Joe’s here Y/N.” Zoe said as she caught a glimpse of a car stop outside of her house, “Yep, it’s him.”

You were sat on the couch with Nala tucked closely to your side scrolling through your phone when Zoe acknowledged Joe’s arrival.

Nala jumped off the couch at the sound of the door opening and closing.

“She’s in there.” Zoe said before you saw her walk past the doorway.

“Hey” Joe said appearing in the doorway.

“Hi. How was last night?”

“Good…but it would’ve been better if you were there.” Joe said, cautiously taking steps closer to the couch.

“Would it have been?”

“Y/N, I’m really sorry. I was excited the Britt was here and I just wanted to hangout with her.”

“And that’s fine Joe but when you completely ignore me to do so isn’t right.”

“I know love. I’m an idiot and I suck and I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

“You are all of those things except a horrible boyfriend Joe. You just suck as multitasking. You get way too excited or into one thing and forget everything else.”

“I’ve realized that.” Joe said as you pulled him closer to you.

“But I still love you so don’t worry about that.”


“Yes you idiot.” You said giving him a quick kiss.

“Good” He said kissing you back, “So what have you two been up to?”

“We we’re talking shit about you yesterday and today we were going to talk shit about you over lunch.” Zoe said as she made her way into the room, “Would you like to join us?”

“Nah that’s alright, I think I’ll stay here with Alan.” Joe said petting the dog that was now at his feet.

“Nope, you’re coming with. You didn’t come all the way down here to not hangout with me.” You said standing up and pulling Joe off the couch as well.